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Apartsman group, an internationally group established by former executives of renowned scrapped vehicle dismantling enterprise and former executives of Alibaba Group. Apartsman group t- akes the lead in developing and spreading high tech dismantling ways, and providing advanced dismantling data services for global enterprises. Apartsman has developed several electronic busi- ness platforms that including mobile terminal and web terminal, offers used car parts for dismantling companies. Apartsman group headquarter located in Beijing, China; and set up logistics cent- er, branch office in Guangzhou, America, Japan and Malaysia. Developed several years from its establishment, Apartsman had attracted famous enterprises executives joined. Group has hundr- eds of employees for now, including more than thirty foreign staffs from America, Japan and Malaysia.

Apartsman of Apartsman Group (www.apartsman.com) is a professional used auto parts and remanufactured parts open Internet platform at home a- nd abroad. Apartsman provides second-hand car, scrap car, auto parts, remanufactured parts, raw materials for buyers.


Comprehensiveness:Apartsman is an international enterprise, which has branches and logistics in several cities of world. Buyers can easily find the right auto parts in here.

Convenience:Not only develops the internet trading platform, Apartsman group also has the mobile APP. Users can download the apartsman APP in APP store or other markets.

Efficiency:Apartsman users can free chat in apartsman platform. This free chat function makes trades easier.


1)Apartsman group devotes to establish international used auto parts platform and spread standard and service policy. Apartsman group leads people to learn the safety and benefit of used auto parts and also tell people that new parts have bad influence on environment.

2)Apartsman group’s advanced dismantling skills help China reduce the pollution of auto industry to the global environment, and make China’s environmental protection cause get a big progress.