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Buyer Guide

After successful registration, users click “Login” button in home page to enter login page. Typing phone number and password, users can login apartsman account.

3.Find the products

Searching for products in search bar or find it according to product category, buyers will find the right products easily.

4.Place the order

Choose the right product, uses can enter product details page to make sure quantity and other info. Then there are two choices for buyers to take: checkout or add prod- uct to shopping cart.

Please choose picking address and offer name, contact way if buyers want to check out.

Buyer can continue shopping if they add product to shopping cart.


Buyers need to choose the right bank account which is related to picking address. For example, buyers’ picking address is Kuala Lumpur Lot22 Jalan 4/32A Batu6½ Kawasan Perusahaan, and they payment bank account should be Malaysian bank acco- unt. The down payment buyers should pay is 30% of total.

6.Upload payment voucher

After down payment finished, buyers should upload the payment voucher to the apartsman platform and fill in the beneficiary bank. If buyers refuse to pay for products, order will be cancelled.

7.Picking up the product

Buyers will receive a message if products arrive at apartsman picking warehouse.

8.Payment of balance due

Please pay the balance due to the same beneficiary bank that when you receive a delivery message and upload payment voucher. Buyers can pick up products from apar- tsman picking warehouse after apartsman check your payment voucher. If buyers do not pay the balance due or pay it overtime, apartsman staff will intervene to mediat- ion.

9.Confirm receipt

Please confirm the receipt in the apartsman platform after your got products. Apartsman group will try our best to do everything well. If buyers have any problem in trad- ing process, please call 010-62981328 or send email to xunzhiwl@apartsman.com.