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Supplier service

After successful registration, users click “Login” button in home page to enter login page. Typing phone number and password, users can login apartsman account.

3.Release products

After successful login, users can click “Release products” button in home page to enter release page.

In release page, suppliers need to fill in product info such as title, category, pictures, detailed description, price, stock, MOQ and supply location. Finished all those info, suppliers should release it, and then they can see their products in products list.

4.Products management

Suppliers can manage their products in products management page. Clicking “My order” button, suppliers enter their apartsman account.

In this page, suppliers can refresh their products or do other management.

5.Trading process

Suppliers will receive an order notification after buyers placed an order. In “My apartsman” page, suppliers can view all the status of all the orders. Suppliers should prepare the product when they receive the order notification.

Apartsman logistics staff will pick up the product from suppliers’ warehouse. Suppliers need to pay attention to order status in time. Once buyers got products, suppliers will receive the payment in certain time.