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Delivery method

Pick up from cargo terminal:Buyers pick up their products from local apartsman warehouse

Procedure :

  • 1.Suppliers will receive an order notification if buyers place an order on apartsman platform.
  • 2. Suppliers need to prepare ordered product and wait for apartsman logistics team.
  • 3. Apartsman logistics team pick up the product from suppliers’ warehouse, and then deliver it to the local apartsman of delivery address.
  • 4. Apartsman staff will send message to buyers inform he/she of picking up the product from apartsman warehouse.
  • 5. Suppliers receive the message and pick up the product from local apartsman picking warehouse.

Address :

  • 1. Apartsman Malaysia
  • Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Lot22, Jalan 4/32A, Batu6½, Kawasan Perusahaan
  • 2.The following logistics center will open soon
  • Dubai America Hongkong Guangzhou Japan Coast Rica